People Manager

People Manager is a simulation of people management process in a large team. The simulation captures the essence of managerial competencies of a mid-level manager managing a large team. Many independent variables are manager’s decisions related to several organizational policies and processes. The independent variables are related to the sum total of the engagement and performance levels of the individuals in the team.


Number of Scenarios

Maximum Upto 12


Scenario Duration

90 minutes each scenario


Scoring Method

 Achievement Vs Benchmark



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Applicable to all industries


Target Audience

Mid-level People Managers in all functions, managing large teams



eLearning material available on request


Fully administered simulation events can be organized


Game Description

In an industrialized city a manager manages a large team in a retail store. Justin is a manager who manages a team of more than 100 employees. There are few supervisors who report to him directly and the rest indirectly through the supervisors. Justin has to meet the business targets in this highly people dependent business. 


Scenario Descriptions

In an industrialized city a manager manages a large team in a retail store. As the game progresses the manager has to wade through a number of situations by taking several decisions within specified frameworks. The participants gain experience with organizational levers for retaining motivated, productive and competent employees.


Key Decisions

Participants are expected to take critical decisions related to:



-productivity, etc.

in order to be effective as a people manager.