Fly Me

Fly Me is a simulation of operational scheduling. Participants have to understand the play between the various components that impact a schedule and the cost of operation. This simulation tests the participants for their analytical skills. Participants have to choose from a set of information as well as data to arrive at an effective solution.



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Scenarios & Duration

4 scenarios, 90 minutes per scenario

Competition Type

Direct and Benchmark Competition


Fully administered simulation event can be organized

Game Description

In a beautiful island country Fly Me is a sea plane operator. There are hundreds of beautiful resorts across the country. Fly Me’s clients are the resorts where the international passengers fly to. The sea planes fly to the above destinations within the constraints defined by several regulations, organization policies as well as many external business environment changes. 



Partcipants have to deal with scenarios related to the global price of aviation fuel, contracts, manpower availability, flying regulations etc.

Within the above constraints the participants have to come up with successful schedules with optimum cost and time delivery. 

Key Decisions

Participants have to decide on the flying options related to:

– Sea Planes


-Available hours of pilots

-Resort occupancy

-Global fuel price, etc.