Simulation is an imitation of real world process or system over time. It requires a model to be developed.
Through the simulation process, we assimilate new experience and add information to our existing knowledge base.
While simulation games test participants on results, the assessments test them for competencies.

Our Uniqueness


Prayog is India’s first AI-based online business simulation engine

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which can simulate any business process from scratch without any additional high-end coding. All our simulations are powered by Prayog.

Simulating Unique Processes

If your organization processes are unique then why settle for off-the shelf solutions.

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 That is why we have the option of Custom-Built simulations for you Solutions that your participants need to use should simulate your unique processes, for best understanding and adaptability. We can create online simulations for any of your company processes which can be used for training and assessment purposes.

Partnering For A Creative Cause

If you have a game idea then we have a gameplan for your organization.

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We partner and support organizations in giving shape to creative ideas of their leaders and other employees.

Content Up-dation Made Easy

All our simulations are capable of adding, deleting, repeating and changing scenarios

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 as per your requirement because of internal, environmental or other reasons. It is as easy as cut, copy  and paste in an MS-Word document! We can add an additional scenario as per your need within a week and can delete a obsolete scenario within no time. Regular content up-dation is a bare minimum requirement for your learning sessions in the VUCA times that we live in.

All Functions, All Streams, All Dimensions

Our off-the-shelf simulations span across industries, across organizational functions.

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  Our simulations are not only limited to soft skills and leadership. Based on Steve Scullen’s study leadership can be divided into Functional Skills, Administrative Skills, Human Skills and Citizenship Skills. Our simulations address all dimensions of leadership and not just Human Skills unlike many of our competitors. Similarly we address all dimensions of any competency.

Supplemented By Digital Learning & Assessments

To bring participants up to speed or to reinforce learning we can supplement 

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simulation experience with digital learning modules and online assessments.

If you have a GAME IDEA then we have a GAMEPLAN!

Unleash today the creativity of your employees and students for gamifying your content.

what our customers & users have to say

P-CMM Lead Assessor
KPMG Peat Marwick

Srinivas Thummalapalli, Manager-Management Consultancy

Excellent concept to develop such an exciting vortal……All the very success to the pioneering initiative taken by the Human Links Team.

Seema Budhiraj
Asst. Manager (Finance) / GRIDCO

Seema Budhiraj, Asst. Manager (Finance), GRIDCO

The business simulation game was a great experience. Managing an organization is not as easy as it seems and cost cannot be the only criteria to achieve managerial effectiveness

Rajneesh Kumar Srivastava
AGM (Technical) / Delhi TRANSCO (DTL)

Rajneesh Kumar Srivastava, AGM (Technical), Delhi TRANSCO (DTL)

It was an overwhelming feeling for all team members of DTL. The game has not only provided us a platform for mutual learning and teamwork, but also has given us a chance to meet a lot of professionals. It was a wonderful event, which strengthened our abilities to take decisions and face the challenges of our professional life.

Conrad Czaplicki
Training Head / Lockheed Martin

Conrad Czaplicki, Training Head, Lockheed Martin

The games and assessments designed by you were very helpful and we received excellent positive feedback from the participants.

Students, Indian Institute of Management, Trichy

Students, XLRI, Jamshedpur

Students, Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow

Students, NIFT, Chennai

Students, KIIT, Bhubaneswar

Students, Shiv Nadar Univ, NOIDA