WoCa WoCa

WoCa WoCa is a simulation of working capital management in an organisation. The participants will understand how few decisions can change the working capital availability in an organisation dramatically.


Number of Scenarios


Scenario Duration

60 minutes each


Achievement versus Benchmark

Target Audience

Mid and senior level managers in finance function and MBA students


Applicable to all industries

Delivery Mode



Organising events and additional e-learning material if requested


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Game Description


WoCa WoCa is a simulation of effective management of working capital in a healthcare and welness company. Although the company is financially in a comfortable position still then they face challenges as they are not able to effectively manage their working capital.




Scenarios Description 

As the game progresses scenarios come up one after another. In these scenarios the participant faces situations where he has to advise the CEO for improving the cash situation. Although the number of decisions to be taken here is less still then each decision has the potential of drastically changing the working capital situation. Every scenario builds on the outcome of the decisions taken in the previous scenario. This simulation manitains data continuity and makes the later scenarios that much more challenging.

Key Decisions

 For every scenario requires decision to be taken around :

-supplier agreement effectiveness


-vendor relationship