Sonees’ Dhonis

Sonees’ Dhonis is a simulation to find out the effectivenness of a marketing strategy plan when the execution is simulated. The simulation captures the understanding of a mid or senior level manager about marketing strategy. The independent variables are participants’ decisions related to several market inputs, constraints and internal processes.


Number of Scenarios


Scenario Duration

180 minutes


Achievement versus Benchmark

Target Audience

Mid and senior level leaders


Applicable to all industries

Delivery Mode



Organising competitions and events,  and additional e-learning material if requested


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Game Description

In a sea-locked country dotted with hundreds of islands, sea-planes and dhonis(speed boats0) are the only two modes of transport. Dhoni manufacturing is a highly regulated industry. Currently there is only one manufacturer but the Governmenthas given licence to another one to start manufacturing in a couple of years.

Scenario Description

The scenario unfolds the crrent situation of the market and the future landscape. The company has to use the budget allocated to it very effectively so that its key performance indicators are met.

Key Decisions

The participants are required to take decisions related to :




– Product