Sea.Planes.of. Lala.Land.(SPLL)

SPLL is a business essentials simulation that provides a great way to learn about running a business. It is designed to help you learn about the challenges and rewards of making good decisions in a mid-sized, service-based business. Participants will learn about strategy, operations, marketing, and accounting by running this company for up to 5 simulated years.


Number of Scenarios


Scenario Duration

90 minutes each


Achievement vs Benchmark

Target Audience

Leadership Team


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All industries

Delivery Mode

Direct and Benchmark Competition


Fully administered simulation event

Game Description

Bathelano is the capital of a sea-locked country somewhere in the Pacific ocean. A seaplane company runs a very profitable business. It ferries passengers coming from different countries to this tiny but beautiful country to different remote island resorts. There are no competitors and speed boats cannot access the remote islands. The customer service is of the highest standard and the government has been very supportive till now. However, of late, things have started changing.  



The initial scenarios will make the participant conversant with the existing situations and encourage them to improve the business KPIs. As time goes by things become  tougher and tougher for the company. The company now has to think of newer and innovative ways to stay afloat. The leadership team has to redefine the strategy and continue to be on the path to profits.

Key Decisions

The participant teams have to take several decisions related to products, pricing, customer service, manpower, financial structuring, investments etc. to achive the KPIs set by the Shareholders.