Game Changer

Game Changer is a simulation that makes the participants understand the levers of large scale change management. In any organization, change management is a competency that is required at various managerial levels. This simulation makes the participants understand the various dimensions of change and which intervention to use in which phase of change.


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Scenario Duration

60 minutes each


Direct and Benchmark Competition


Fully administered simulation event


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Direct and Benchmark Competition


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Game Description


Game Changer is about a senior functionary’s approach towards managing a large scale change process. In this organization, he has to deal with the leadership team individually and collectively as well as the entire organization as an unit to ensure that the change is implemented seamlessly. The change process has various stages. The participant working as the functionary has to select the appropriate intervention to overcome the resistance to change and make people aligned to the organization goals.




Game Changer has different scenarios built around planning and implementation of the change initiative. In every scenario, there would be the option to choose interventions from a laundry list. Some of these would be applicable to some individual or few leaders. Similarly, few others would be applicable to the entire organization. The game requires that the leaders who are opposing the change or are neutral are converted to pro change positions. Similarly, it also requires an overwhelming majority of employees to support the change initiative.

Key Decisions

 Key decision points that are to be considered for this simulation by the participants are related to:

-Phases of organizational change

-Options related to various levers

-Applicability of levers with individual leaders and the organization as a whole